First Prize

per team member

Apple Airpods Pro

Second Prize

per team member

FItbit versa 2

Third Prize

per team member

Apple Voucher €75


Leaderboard will be updated weekly

How It Works


Step 1.

The designated team leader will register their team with a chosen time slot. The team leader must have all college emails of their team members to do this. A maximum of 5 persons per team is allowed but we recommend a minimum of three players to complete the challenge.



Step 2.

All team members will receive an email with the game instructions and necessary links. This will also confirm their time slot and date.



Step 3.

The team leader should ensure that all team members have received the links.



Step 4.
The team leader will receive a reminder the day before the game. If there are any changes to the team, the team leader can let the Aldi Escape Room team know via email. 


Step 5.

The team takes part in the challenge and their time is registered on the Aldi Escape Room Leaderboard. This is updated weekly.

Best of luck and enjoy the challenge!



Thank you for your interest in the Aldi Escape Room Challenge.

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